HMP Nottingham, General Information

HMP Nottingham opened in 1890 as a city gaol but was reconstructed in 1912, and until 1997 served as a closed training establishment for adult males. In 1997, D wing and E wing were opened and the prison became a category B local establishment serving local courts in Nottingham and Derby. In 2005, F wing, G wing and the separation and reassessment unit were opened and B wing was decanted. All the original Victorian prison was demolished in 2008, with only part of the gatehouse and the wall remaining. Work to rebuild an expanded prison was completed in February 2010. The new prison has been in operation since 15 March 2010.

The prison is located close to the centre of Nottingham and accommodation is made up of seven main residential wings which hold up to 1100 prisoners. The #1 governor since July 2018 is  called Phil Novis, and the prison is part of the East Midlands area and run by HMPS.


  • A wing integrated drug treatment system: 122 cells holding up to 180
  • B wing mainly category C prisoners: 160 cells holding up to 226
  • C wing first night and induction: 64 cells holding up to 110
  • D wing general population: 100 cells holding up to 170
  • E wing general population: 100 cells holding up to 170
  • F wing lifer and long-term unit: 78 cells holding up to 104, plus six in enhanced care assessment cells (ECA)
  • G wing vulnerable prisoner unit: 100 cells holding up to 140.

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