Regimes at HMP Norwich

The prison runs an Offending Behaviour Programme (OBP) and makes full use of the Short Duration Drug Programme (SDP) which is designed for prisoners held on remand, or within the last six months of their sentence. A recent development has been an ongoing Alcohol programme. As well as these, there is an A-Z motivational programmes intended to engage people and motivate them to undertake Offending Behaviour Programmes if/when they are transferred to other East of England prisons.


HMP Norwich has three gymnasiums and an artificial multi-use surface. The gyms run a wide range of activities and offer an accredited Gym Instructors Course at Level 1, 2 and 3.

Faith & Religion

HMP Norwich provides a variety of multi faith rooms thoughout the prison, and prisoners have access to leaders in the majority of mainstream faiths. Prisoners can also receive spiritual support from Buddhist, Quaker, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Sikh and Jewish chaplians.

Drugs Strategy

Prisoners with a drug problem are identified at various stages:

  • at the initial health care screening;
  • on the induction programme;
  • by CARAT assessment;
  • by random Mandatory Drug Testing;
  • by self referral;
  • on receipt of previous medical records.

Arrangements can be made for detoxification, drug rehabilitation, treatment, education, CARAT assessment and Hep C nurse consultation. The establishment is live with IDTS which can identify prisoners clinically recognised as having opiate substance misuse issues, and can place them onto a substitute prescribing regime. The establishment is represented on the local Drugs Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and is also involved in community work alongside community drugs agencies.

Medical Care 

HMP Norwich has Type 3 Healthcare Centre status, with a maximum of 32 beds being available. There is 24 hour nursing cover. HMP Norwich provides in-patient beds for HMP Wayland and HMP Blundeston. Weekly visits are made by a Dentist, with Optician/Chiropody services being available on a monthly basis. Use is made of NHS services (Asthma and G.U. clinics) when necessary.

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