General Details, HMP Norwich

HMP Norwich has occupied its current site overlooking the city of Norwich since 1887. Following closure of the last remaining large Victorian prisoner wing in August 2009, a new residential unit has been  opened catering for prisoners new to custody and substance misusers requiring support.

Although one prison, the establishment has three distinct sites, with Britannia House and the Local discharge unit both sited next to the main prison known which is known as the Reception site.

Reception Site

  • A wing – induction unit, first night centre, integrated drug treatment system, stabilisation and maintenance unit for 212 prisoners.
  • B wing – accommodation for 119 unconvicted and sentenced adults and young adults.
  • C wing – places for 123 unconvicted and sentenced adults and young adults and vulnerable prisoners (those convicted of a sexual offence).
  • E wing – space for 26 unconvicted and sentenced adults and young adults from the general population.
  • M wing – category C unit for 40 prisoners soon to become an enabling environment ethos unit.
  •  U wing – segregation unit.  – accommodation for 10 prisoners

Local discharge unit

  • F and G wings – accommodation for 178 category C prisoners.
  •  L wing – places for 15 prisoners with significant social care needs or requiring palliative care.

Britannia House

  • D wing Resettlement unit housing 42 category D prisoners

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