Regimes at Northumberland


  • Monday to Thursday
    • Serve breakfast 07:50
    • Activities commence 08:30
    • Serve lunch 11:50
    • Activities commence 14:00
    • Serve tea meal and commence Association / Activities 17:10
    • Cease Association / Activities 19:10
    • All prisoner returned to their cells 19:30
  • Friday
    • Serve breakfast 07:50
    • Activities commence 08:30
    • Serve lunch 11:50
    • Commence Association / Activities 14:30
    • Serve Tea 16:15
    • All prisoner returned to their cells 17:00
  • Saturday – Sunday
    • Serve breakfast 08:25
    • Move to Chapel & Gym 08:45
    • Commence Association 09:30
    • Serve Lunch 11:45
    • Movements to Visits 13:45
    • Commence Association / Activities 14:00
    • Serve Tea 16:00
    • All prisoner returned to their cells 17:00


Gymnasium & Sports:  The prison has  3 gyms which consist of a range of cardio and resistance machines with a large range of free weights. Gyms 1 & 3 have sports halls attached where we deliver a range of sporting activities including team building sessions for offender behaviour programmes. There are 3 football pitches and 1 rugby pitch. Additionally there are small fitness suites on Gate Way and House block 5 .

Healthcare: Primary Healthcare and Substance misuse are provided by Care UK and the NHS. Nursing cover is available daily. Mental Health provision available Monday to Friday. There are no inpatient facilities.

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