HMP North Sea Camp, General Details

HMP North Sea Camp was originally a borstal, which opened in 1935. The original staff and trainees were from HMP Stafford and they established a tented camp at the site while they began to build permanent buildings. They also built a new sea bank to reclaim further land from The Wash. This work was completed in 1979. The reclaimed land was used for farming before being sold in 2004.

The #1govenor is Colon Hussey, who has been in charge since April 2021. The prison forms part of the East Midlands region and can hold 420 prisoners.


  • North unit holds general prisoners and also those with mobility issues or disabilities.
  • South 1 unit is the induction unit which holds general prisoners and also new receptions.
  • South 2 unit holds general prisoners,  but 4 and 5 landings are the protective isolation unit.
  • Llewellin unit holds  general prisoners, but currently also holds some shielding prisoners (see Glossary of terms).
  • Harrison unit holds general prisoners.
  • Selby unit comprises 66 self-contained single bed units. This was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to help reduce the number of double rooms in the establishment
  • Jubilee unit 1 is currently being used as the reverse cohort unit (RCU; see Glossary of terms)
  • Jubilee units 2–6 hold long-term prisoners living independently and prisoners working outside of the establishment on ROTL

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