General Information, HMP Manchester

Manchester Prison opened in June 1868 and is located about 1 mile north of the city centre. A major disturbance in 1990, when the prison was known as HMP Stangeways, required the prison to be substantially rebuilt. The prison moved into the Directorate of High Security Estate in April 2003. It hold Cat A prisoners and lower risk Cat B prisoners

Accommodation: There are 2 major “radial” blocks A-E and G-K for prisoners 

  • A wing in transition to first night/induction unit
  • B wing drug-free/voluntary testing unit
  • C wing long-term and life-sentenced prisoners
  • D wing general population, convicted
    • B, C and D wings are due to accommodate a general population of both convicted and remand/trial prisoners. C wing has been identified under ‘New ways of working’ to hold fulltime prisoner workers.
  • E wing inner – category A unit, including some category B and escape list prisoners outer – segregation unit, specialist interventions unit, vulnerable prisoners (latter to become a long-term category B unit)
  • G wing first night/induction unit (due to become vulnerable prisoner unit)
  • H wing post-detoxification stabilisation unit, plus a separate unit delivering ‘Recovery through the gate’
  • I wing drug detoxification prescribing unit running in partnership with the substance misuse service
  • K wing trial/remand prisoners (due to become a resettlement unit)
  • M wing health care inpatients unit, for clinical admissions only (apart from exceptional circumstances)

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