Regimes at HMP Maidstone

HMP Maidstone is a Category ‘C’ Training Prison with a focus on sex offenders. Its regimes are all aimed at challenging offending behaviour, reducing re-offending and preventing further victims.

Physical Education
There is a purpose built Weights / Fitness room which houses free weights and fixed weight machines plus a range of Cardio Vascular equipment including cross trainers, treadmills, bikes and rowers. There are 3 football pitches within the prison.

Offending Behaviour Programmes
HMP Maidstone runs 3 main programs

Thinking Skills Program (TSP): Consists of 19 sessions (15 group and 4 individual sessions), plus the post programme review. Participants must have a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks to serve in order to complete the programme.

Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP): This is split into 2 sections, the core programme is up to 90 sessions over 18 weeks, and the Better Lives Booster programme which is aimed at men who have successfully completed the core program

There is no 24-hour Healthcare Facility at Maidstone. Diabetics, Epileptics and those with any form of Mental illness have to be stable on treatment for the last three months. Wheelchair users to be independent within their own limitations for the needs of daily living.

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