HMP Long Lartin, Regimes

Long Lartin provides a regime designed to offer choice of activities that will enable prisoners to make the changes necessary to lead law abiding lives in custody and after release. These activities include contract work, where prisoners work assembling plumbing equipment and recycling CDs for commercial companies.

Canteen/Prison Shop
There is a system where  prisoners order the items they would like from a list, the goods are bagged and delivered to them weekly.

Gymnasium & Sports
The PE Department operates a seven day per week programme which includes five evening sessions. Prisoners apply for up to two sessions within the working week Monday to Friday, one evening session per week and two sessions at the weekends – enhanced prisoners will get priority at the weekend. The gym includes a full size sports hall, a weight-training room with a section for fitness training and a purpose built classroom and an all weather area.

The Security Care & Control Unit has 38 single cells with in-cell sanitation; there are also two special cells which are covered by CCTV. The Unit has its own enclosed exercise area. Adjudications are normally held in the morning on a daily basis except for Sundays and Public Holidays.

The kitchen is operated by a mix of civilian, uniformed grades and prisoners. It operates a 3-week menu cycle, with 4 choices at dinner.

There are 3 full time members of the chaplaincy team, plus a number of part time employees. There are two chapels and a range of multi-faith rooms.

Medical Facilities

The Healthcare Centre is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses employed by Worcestershire Primary Care Trust NHS. The GPs are employed through the Trust via an agency. Essentially you will find the same services here as you would find in your local GP practice.

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