HMP Long Lartin, General Information

HMP Long Lartin is a dispersal establishment for sentenced and remand category A and sentenced category B male prisoners who require high security conditions.   It is part of the high security prisons group and connected to West Midland Region.  It has a capacity of 609 and the #1 governor is Steve Cross, who has been in charge since July 2019.

Long Lartin, which occupies the site of a former war department ordnance depot, was built in the 1960s and opened as a prison in 1971. Although originally opened as a category C prison, it was upgraded to provide dispersal level security in 1973. Further improvements in security were made between 1995 and 1997, and an additional wing, Perrie, was opened in June 1999. In 2009 a new purpose built unit, Atherton,  replaced older style wings, increasing the capacity of the prison.


  • A and B  Older-style wings without in-cell sanitation, currently holding vulnerable prisoners.
  • C and D Older-style wings without in-cell sanitation, currently holding mainstream prisoners.
  • E and F Two wings in a modern unit with accommodation for 184 mainstream prisoners
  • Perrie A modern unit with accommodation for up to 112 mainstream prisoners. Perrie Red has 74 single cells.
  • Segregation Accommodation for 40 prisoners, including eight high control cells, two gated cells, two safer custody cells and two Listener cells. There are two designated cells for R46/close supervision centre prisoners
  • Health care Accommodation for seven prisoners, including one cell that can provide end-of-life care if required. There is one gated cell.
  • PIPE unit A ‘psychologically informed planned environment’ unit providing accommodation for 14 prisoners, both vulnerable and mainstream, who mix subject to risk assessment.


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