Visits and getting to Lindholme

Social visits are held daily, Mon – Sun: 13:45 – 15:30. Visits can booked on 01302 524 980 or 524 721 and the lines are open daily, excepting Sunday, between 08:30 – 11:00.

You can book online, visit: All you need is the name and date of birth of the person you are visiting and their prisoner number. You can choose up to 3 possible dates and times. Prison booking staff will check what’s available and confirm your visit by email.  If you’ve made an online visit booking request and haven’t received a confirmation email within 1-3 working days, please email [email protected]

All visitors (including children) must bring identification. One of the following forms of photo ID will be acceptable to the prison:

  • Passport
  • Photo driving licence
  • Employers photo ID card (must have name of employer and visitor clearly visible)
  • Senior citizens public transport pass issued by a local authority
  • Annual rail pass or London Transport season ticket with photocard.

If you are unable to produce any of these then TWO of the following will be accepted as proof of identity:

  • Cheque book
  • Credit/debit card (visitor’s name must be embossed on the card and already signed)
  • Employer pass or ID not acceptable above
  • Young Person’s ‘Proof of Age’ card
  • Trade Union membership card
  • NUS card
  • Telephone/electricity/gas or water utility bills
  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • Medical card
  • New born babies Record of Birth
  • Change of name by Deed Poll will require the relevant forms to be produced.

There is a Visitor Centre where some of the administration necessary before allowing you entry into the visits hall is carried out. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the staff to carry out their checks prior to the start of the visit.

How to get there:

The prison is in a largely rural location, about 10 miles from Doncaster, and is ill served by public transport links. If you are travelling by public transport follow the link and you can get the bus and train connection details, visit the Yorkshire Travel  produced web site, (click here). It is an excellent way to plan your visits. The basic details are shown below:

Bus: At Doncaster’s Southern Bus Station catch the 186 service. This is an infrequent service.

Train: On arrival at Doncaster railway station either make your way to the Southern Bus Station or take a taxi from the station.

By Car: Follows the direction below to get to the vicinity of the prison then follow the local directions at the bottom of this page

  • From the North, take the M1 or A1 south to the M62 east to the M18, take the M18 south to the M180
  • From the East: M62 west to the M18, take the M18 south to the M180.
  • From the South take the M1 or A1 north to the M18, take the M18 north to the M180.:
  • A15 north to the M180, take the M180 west to the M18 doubling back to the M180.
  • From the West, take the M62 east to the M18, take the M18 south to the M180.
  • A57 ‘Snake Pass’ to Sheffield. In Sheffield follow the sign for the M1, take the M1 south to the M18, take the M18 north to the M180.

Local directions: Take the M180 eastbound as far as junction 1. At junction 1 leave the M180 and join the A18 south for Doncaster, after about one mile turn left onto the A614 (opposite the ‘Green Tree’ public house). Lindholme Prison is signposted from here. Please use Moorlands Prison access, this is down Vulcan Way, at the end of Vulcan Way turn right at the roundabout will bring you to the visitors car park.

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