General Details, HMP Lindholme

HMP Lindholme is located on the site of a former Royal Air Force (RAF) base, approximately 10 miles north of Doncaster. It covers an area of 100 acres within the perimeter fence and was opened as a prison in 1985. During 2011/12 the operation of the prison was put out to tender to the private sector, but it was eventually decided in 2013 to keep the prison under public control. The #1 governor since November 2016 has been Simon Walters and the prison has a capacity of 935. It is part of the Yorkshire & Humberside region and is run by HMPS.


 The site consists of 10 Residential Units, 6 of the wings (A-F) are of a dormitory design and have single and multi occupancy rooms on 8 lockable spurs with a capacity of 64 for each spur. G,  J and K wings each hold 209 prisoners. L wing hold 60 men in 30 double cells, and is used as first night centre and induction unit. It also accommodates some prisoners with physical and/or mental health disabilities.

A purpose built Segregation Unit was built in 2008 which can hold 22 prisoners

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