HMP Lincoln, General Details

HMP Lincoln opened as a local prison in 1872 holding  up to 729 remand and convicted prisoners. The Establishment is a category B prison holding adult male remand/convicted prisoners and unsentenced young adult prisoners. HMP Lincoln serves the courts of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Humberside and is operated by HMPS. It is part of the East Midlands group of prisons, and the #1 governor is Paul Yates, who has been in charge since Sepember 2016

The prison is located in the city centre of Lincoln and has the following accommodation:

  • A wing – refurbished in 2007 holds 216 men and  has the first night centre and is the Induction wing
  • B wing – holds 150 men
  • C wing – holds 198 prisoners in a mix of single and double accommodation
  • D wing – segregation unit
  • E wing – holds 165 men, designated for vulnerable prisoners, predominantly sex offenders

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