Regimes at Kirklevington Grange

The focus at the prison is to prepare prisoners for their release. Prisoners are encouraged to maintain and develop links with families and the wider community and can in the final stages of their sentence progress to working out of the prison in full-time employment or undertaking full time education as part of their preparation for release.

Education is provided in conjunction with Manchester College.

ROTL: There are comprehensive risk assessments with focus on risks to the community prior to a prisoner being granted a temporary license. All prisoners are required to carry out at least 30 days community/charity work before being eligible for paid employment. The prison runs its own job club, with links to local job centres and a range of known local employers who work in partnership with the establishment.

Healthcare: Provided by the NHS has a part-time GP and 1 full-time nurse.

Drug Strategy: There are regular voluntary and compulsory drug tests on all prisoners, and being drug free is a condition of remaining at Kirklevinton Grange.

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