Work & Education at Kirkham

Education at Kirkham is provided in conjunction with Manchester College, and offers a wide range of courses from basic literacy and numeracy to vocational training. There is a purpose built building, with a well equipped computer room, training kitchen, there is an extensive curriculum from functional skills to higher education, open learning courses and also a range of evening classes available.

The vocational training offered are in Bricklaying, Painting & Decorating and Industrial Cleaning BICS also takes place in the Regimes workshops and Residential Units. There is a Fork Lift Truck Centre providing training to prisoners in various types of vehicles, including Counter Balance and Reach Truck and Side Loaders

The employment at Kirkham including, Horticulture, Gardening, Waste Management, Catering, Timbers, Industrial Cleaning, and Community work. Priisoners who have progressed their sentence plan and followed the employment cycle become eligible for Custody to Work program (outside unpaid community work leading onto paid employment with a number of partnerships with national and local employers, who provide placements prior to and on release.)

Woodwork Enterprises:  Kirkham Enterprises is known locally for its timber workshop and products that can be purchased through the Prison Shop that is open to the public. It provides a realistic working environment for the priosners , and whilst manufacturing these products men can earn “on the job” accredited training in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Woodwise Machining and Bench Joinery in preparation for employment on release.

Garden Enterprises: The prison is on 180 acre estate, the majority if farmland. The farm employs over 100 prisoners managing livestock and growing vegetables used in the prison and sold at the prison shop.

Farm Shop: All fresh goods grown on site, hand made garden furniture, contact 01772 675440 for more information

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