General Information, Isle of Wight

HMP Isle of Wight was opened in April 2009; it was formed by the clustering of three former establishments (HMP Parkhurst, HMP Albany and HMP Camp Hill). The 3 establishments are on the same basic location next to each other. Camp Hill was closed in 2013.  The prison  is run by HMPS as part of the South West region and has a capacity of 1085. The #1 governor is Dougie Graham, who has been in charge since May 2018.

Parkhurst site: Originally a military hospital, Parkhurst became a prison in 1863 and in the late 1960s it became one of a maximum security prison. It now holds vulnerable prisoners/sex offenders and ordinary prisoners in mixed units.

Albany site: On the site of an old barracks and was designed and built as a category C training prison in the early 1960s. Security was subsequently upgraded, and from 1970 to 1992 Albany was part of the dispersal system. It then changed to its present role as a category B training prison with an integrated population of vulnerable/sex offenders and mainstream prisoners.



8 residential units, 7of which are Victorian-style galleried units and the last a small former health care unit.


  • 5 (A to E wings), identical in design and located off one main corridor. Each wing contains 4 floors, each with 3 spurs of 8 cells.
  • 2 (F and G wings) opened in May 2003 and housed up to 80 prisoners.
  • Dedicated health care facility serving both sites

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