REgimes at HMP Humber

Currently the prison operates separate regimes on each site. Full integration of the regime will take place when the sites are physically merged in January 2015.

The prison has dedicated wings for induction/complex needs, drug treatment, older prisoners, enhanced and a 14 bed hostel for Category D prisoners.

Reducing re-offending is seen as a primary purpose of the establishment, and the prison supports both the National and Regional Pathways to Reducing Re-Offending. Offender Management regimes.

Offending Behaviour Programmes:
Focusing On Resettlement (FOR) programme – is a brief cognitive motivational intervention for those serving sentences of four years and under.  The programme aims to reduce reoffending by increasing offenders’ motivation to set their own ‘agenda for change’ as they prepare for release and increase their engagement with services providing assistance with resettlement.

RESOLVE – is a moderate intensity cognitive behavioural group work intervention that aims to reduce violence in medium to high-risk adult and young male offenders. It has been designed to take account of recent developments in violence research and draws on a number of theories related to violence and antisocial behaviour; cognitive-behavioural and social learning theories, as well as multi-factorial models of general aggression.

RAPt 12 step programme – is a Substance Dependency Treatment Programme (SDTP) three phase abstinence-based 12-step programme, designed to be run over approximately 16 weeks (the exact length depends on the frequency with which sessions in Phases 1 and 3 are run).
Substance Misuse Recovery Strategy

Like all prisons, HMP Humber is committed to providing a safe, drug & alcohol free environment for staff, offenders and visitors. Rigorous measures are employed to prevent and tackle attempts to supply drugs to into the prison. The prison team is multi disciplinary enabling them to offer a diverse approach to addiction services. This includes providing needs assessment, one-to-one counselling, onward referral to other rehabilitation services, links with local community & national drug support agencies and Offender Management Teams in custody and within the community.

The prison also offer a range of interventions to assist offenders in overcoming their drug addictions; these include RAPt (Rehabilitation for addicted Prisoners Trust), IDTS (Integrated Drug Treatment System, DARS (Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services) and the use of Offender Peers Support Workers to encourage and support offenders before, during and after they have attended programmes.

The drugs teams work closely with Physical Education department who provide a Substance Misuse Gymnasium Programme, which supports offenders through their detoxification process by the use of exercise. The programme is 12 weeks long and tailored to individual ability.
Medical Facilities

Health service commissioner is the East Riding of Yorkshire PCT Provider and the provider is Humber Foundation Trust

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