General Details, HMP Hull

HMP Hull is a Victorian Prison opened in 1870 to hold both men and women, 2 miles east of Hull city centre. During the 2nd World War it was used as a Military Prison and later a Civil Defence Depot and in 1950 it re-opened as a Closed Male Borstal. In 1969, after extensive security work , Hull became one of the first maximum security dispersal prisons. During August 1976 Hull was badly damaged in a major prison riot which lasted 5 days and closed the jail for the best part of a year. In 1986 Hull was removed from the dispersal system and assumed its current role as a Male Local Prison/Remand Centre.

In 2002 the prison expanded and the site increased in size. The expansion included 4 new wings, a new healthcare centre, a new sports hall, a new multi-faith centre and refurbishment to other part of the prison including the kitchen, education and workshops. The closure/mothballing of the oldest part of the prison was announced in Jan 2013, with a reduction of its capacity by almost 300, but this decision was later reversed by the Ministry of Justice as the overall UK prison population grew faster than expectations. The current capacity is 1044. The prison is part of the Yorkshire and Humberside Region and is run by HMPS. The #1 governor is Shaun Mycroft, who has been in charge since June 2021.


  • A wing: General wing including the psychologically informed planned environment, (PIPE Unit),  and drug recovery units
  • B wing: Sentenced and unsentenced adults
  • C wing: Sentenced and unsentenced adults
  • D wing: Sentenced and unsentenced adults
  • G wing: First night and induction wing
  • H wing: Vulnerable prisoners
  • I  wing: Vulnerable prisoners
  • J wing: Vulnerable prisoners
  • K wing: Undergoing Refurbishment then segregation wing
  • Well-being unit- prisoners with complex care needs, including palliative care


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