General Information, Highpoint

HMP Highpoint has faced a number of changes since it was opened as a prison in 1977, It was the site of a Royal Air Force base until 1970 when it was then used as used as transit camp for Ugandan Asian refugees, before opening in 1977 as a prison. During the 1980s, there were a number of alterations to the fabric of the prison, and in 1997 Highpoint North was converted to hold women prisoners. Highpoint North and South formally separated in July 2001 and Highpoint North was re-named as HMP Edmunds Hill on 3 October 2003.

In 2005, Edmunds Hill was returned to the male estate. In April 2011, Highpoint and Edmunds Hill formally merged and became HMP Highpoint North and South once more. The south site hold around ¾   of the prisoners, the north the remaining ¼ .


 SOUTH site

  • Tempest unit (U1/U2 A, B,C,D) – Houses 248 prisoners divided into four units. IDTS prisoners are located on A and C wings. B wing is enhanced
  • Javelin (U3 E, F) – Houses 112 prisoners. Standard unit
  • Wellington (U4 G, H) – Houses 148 prisoners. Induction unit
  • Handley (U5 J, K ) – Houses 120 prisoners. Standard unit
  • Vickers (U6 L) – Houses 40 enhanced prisoners. Includes category D outworkers
  • Halifax (U7 P) – Houses 40 enhanced prisoners. Includes category D outworkers
  • Blenheim (U8 Q, R, S) – Houses 120 prisoners. TSP/CALM/BRIDGE prisoners live on unit
  • Vulcan (U9 T,V,W) – Houses 64 enhanced prisoners
  • Lancaster (U10 X,Y,Z) – Houses 64 prisoners. Lifers live on this unit
  • Stirling (Segregation) – Houses up to 17 prisoners

NORTH site

  • Lysander (U11) – Houses 69 enhanced prisoners
  • HMP Highpoint 8
  • Hawker (U12) – Houses 69 prisoners
  • Dominie (U13) – Houses 69 prisoners
  • Gloster (U14) – Houses 80 prisoners
  • Meteor (U15) – Houses 80 prisoners

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