General Information, HMP High Down

 High Down was opened in 1992 on the site of a former mental hospital. It serves the Crown Court at Guildford and Croydon, and surrounding magistrates’ courts. It was originally a category A prison but re-roled to a category B local prison in 2002. Originally holding 747, the prison expanded in 2008/9 with two new house blocks and ancillary works and now holds 1203. The prison was scheduled to be roled as a Cat C prison as part of the prison estate reconfiguration during the later part of 2018, but this decision is still pending!.

 High Down opened the renown “Clink” restaurant  in 2009 click here  , a ground breaking development in prisoner training opportunities.


House blocks 1–6 house hold around 200 prisoners each.

  • Houseblock 1 – general houseblock with protective isolation unit
  • Houseblock 2 – includes reverse cohort unit for the general population
  • Houseblock 3 – general houseblock
  • Houseblock 4 – substance misuse treatment unit with reverse cohort unit for prisoners undergoing treatment on arrival
  • Houseblock 5 – general houseblock
  • Houseblock 6 – vulnerable prisoners’ unit with reverse cohort unit for new arrivals from this population.
  • Health care inpatient unit – Has 22 beds.
  • Segregation unit – Capacity for 23 prisoners.

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