HMP Hewell, General Information

HMP Hewell was established in June 2008 following the amalgamation of three former prisons on the site – Blakenhurst, Brockhill and Hewell Grange. Each site catered for a different category of prisoner – categories B, C and D. In 2011, house block 7, the category C section (formerly Brockhill)), was closed.

The prison primarily serves the Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, West Midlands and Warwickshire catchment area and is part of the West Midlands Region. It has a capacity for 900 inmates on the closed site. The  #1 governor is Raplh Lubkowski, who has been in post since June 2020.

Closed site

The six house blocks have single and double cells, all with in-cell sanitation.

  • House blocks 1, 2 A&C spur, 3 B&C spur and 6 – Convicted and unconvicted prisoners
  • House block 2 A&C spur 3 C Spur – Induction/first night unit
  • House block 4 -Prisoners with drug or alcohol issues
  • House block 5, 2B spur – Vulnerable prisoners
  • Segregation Unit- Prisoners subject to segregation rules
  • Inpatients’ Unit-Prisoners with health care requirements

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