HMP Hewell, General Information

HMP Hewell was established in June 2008 following the amalgamation of three former prisons on the site – Blakenhurst, Brockhill and Hewell Grange. Each site catered for a different category of prisoner – categories B, C and D. In 2011, house block 7, the category C section (formerly Brockhill)), was closed.

Remaining were the house blocks 1-6 on the closed site (formerly Blakenhurst) and house block 8 (formerly Hewell Grange), also known as the Grange Resettlement Unit or the open site. The prison primarily serves the Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, West Midlands and Warwickshire catchment area and is part of the West Midlands Region. The acting #1 governor is Jane Bailey. 

Closed site

  • House block 1 – 202 mainstream convicted prisoners
  • House block 2 – 138 convicted prisoners including vulnerable prisoners and those held  separately for their own protection
  • House block 3 – 207 mainstream convicted prisoners
  • House block 4 – 211 prisoners in substance misuse and the integrated drug treatment system
  • House block 5 – 79 convicted vulnerable prisoners
  • House block 6 – 247 remand prisoners and those carrying out induction

Open site

Grange Resettlement Unit – 187 category D prisoners, including two annexes accommodating 9 and 11 prisoners respectively who were nearing the end of their sentences.

Other units

  • Segregation – 28 prisoners
  • Health care centre – 20 prisoners

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