HMP Hewell, Farm shop

spoof data for testing purposes

The prison farm nursery shop at HMP Hewell, located just opposite the prison entrance by the Tarrdebigge Pub on the A1234 is open  daily Monday to Saturday. The shop sells locally grown produce from the farm attached to and worked by HMP Hewell staff and serving prisoners.  Some prisoners who are close to end of their sentence work in the farm shop as part of the rehabilitation into society after a period of custody. The shop also has a high quality butchers outlet serving organic meat, some of which is raised on the farm. During the summer month the nursery shop has an extensive stock of bedding plants and seedlings for your own gardens.

Farm shop opening times.
Monday to Friday 9:00-15:45.
Friday and Saturday 9:00-15:00.
Sunday closed.

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7 thoughts on “HMP Hewell, Farm shop”

  1. I’d like to order 4 hanging baskets but not sure how I go about this? Can you pls advise me? Thanks jo.

    • Its an interesting question, but we dont have an interesting answer! We suggest you call the switchboard at HMP Hewell and they will be able to give you a phone number for the farm shop.

  2. HMP Hewell Farm Shop is open to the public, with the correct opening times listed already.

    They sell logs & kindling, meat, flowers & a large range of vegetables during the year, however as it is all seasonal there are times when not everything is available.

    Vegetables grown are:
    Potatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Swede, Cabbage (white, red, Savoy)’ Brussel sprouts’ Leeks, Carrots, Runner Beans ,Broad Beans ,French Beans, Peas, Mangetout, Sweetcorn, Onions, Spring onions, Radish, Lettuce, Tomatoes (Normal, Cherry & Beef), Peppers, Chillies, Auberguines, Butternut Squash, Purple sprouting.

    The meat is all home produced offering:
    Beef (all cuts)
    Sausages ( numerous flavours)
    Chicken ( Whole & Pieces)
    From Easter weekend plants and Hanging baskets will be available to purchase too

  3. Is this still spoof data or is the shop really open? I don’t want to go all the way to Tardebigge from Oldbury on a wild goose chase!

    • Annette,
      As far as we are aware the shop still exists! We have made many approaches to HMP Hewell for more information on opening hours etc but these have all been “blanked” which is why the data is described as “spoof”. Sorry we cant help more, but if the establishments themselves wont respond to simple information requests we are reliant on other sources and these are not always dependable.
      I suggest you call the switchboard at Hewell and ask them before you travel; the shop is subject to “unplanned” changes in it schedule at short notice,

    • Farm shop opening times.
      Monday to Friday 9:00-15:45.
      Friday and Saturday 9:00-15:00.
      Sunday closed.


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