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Prison Gardens opened to Public – 1st Jan 2014 (more details) Prisoners refurbish own shower block – 2nd Jan 2014 (more details)
Staff and prisoners cycle for charity – 3rd Jan 2014 (more details) Gold medal at the Flower show – 5th Jan 2014 (more details)
Prison inspections shows great progress – 6th Jan 2014 (more details) Success in the Koestler Awards – 7th Jan 2014 (more details)
Prisoners rebuild local cricket pavilion – 8th Jan 2014 (more details) Restorative Justice projects completed – 9th Jan 2014 (more details)
Family day times and visits for Easter – 10th Jan 2014 (more details) Opening times for Prison farm shop – 11th Jan 2014 (more details)



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2 thoughts on “HMP Hewell, Community News”

  1. I saw an article in a synagogue magazine about HMP Oakwood and how Pauline Miller-Brown has set up the Restart Enterprise. She highlighted the need for suitcases for prisoners who are leaving and only had plastic bags for their belongings, and that having a suitcase would give them more dignity. Do you need suitcases? I am often in the area of HMP Hewell.
    Thank you, Susan XXXXX

    • DoingTime is an independemt web site, with no connection with either the IMB or the Prison Service.

      When a prisoner is discharged they are given a black nylon sports bag for their belongings. In many cases their possessions will not all fit into this bag, in which case the prison will give them large plastc heavy duty “bin pags”; not as you say the most dignified or discrete way to start a new life!

      Discharges from prison are handled by the “Reception Team”, so I suggest you contact the Reception Governor via the main Hewell swith board with your offer. If that doesnt bear fruit, try the Visitors Centre and they may be able to assist you. Good Luck


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