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Prison Gardens opened to Public – 1st Jan 2014 (more details) Prisoners refurbish own shower block – 2nd Jan 2014 (more details)
Staff and prisoners cycle for charity – 3rd Jan 2014 (more details) Gold medal at the Flower show – 5th Jan 2014 (more details)
Prison inspections shows great progress – 6th Jan 2014 (more details) Success in the Koestler Awards – 7th Jan 2014 (more details)
Prisoners rebuild local cricket pavilion – 8th Jan 2014 (more details) Restorative Justice projects completed – 9th Jan 2014 (more details)
Family day times and visits for Easter – 10th Jan 2014 (more details) Opening times for Prison farm shop – 11th Jan 2014 (more details)



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