Regimes at HMP Grendon

Each of the 6 wings has its own therapeutic community, constitution and a prisoner chairman and vice chair. A democratic process is in place where staff and prisoners elected prisoners into these roles, and regulated behaviour standards. This included imposing sanctions where rules had been broken, implementing processes for selecting and deselecting prisoners for a place in the community, and discussing and resolving incidences of conflict or disagreement. Any prisoner can initiate a discussion and a vote about any aspect of community life. Prisoners will be given jobs that supported the community.

Each therapeutic community has specialist staff including therapists, trained specialist officers and offender supervisors. End of therapy reports are produced for all prisoners leaving therapy.

Drug Strategy All prisoners are screened on initial reception into the prison. There is a Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team at the prison, and they integrate their programme into each therapeutic community. There is very strict enforcement of the drug free environment.. 

Healthcare NHS Primary Healthcare services are provided by Care UK and these services include GP and nurse led clinics. Nurse clinics include Wellman, Diabetes, Asthma and Immunisations. There are visiting Podiatry and Physiotherapy services. The Primary Care Mental Health service works alongside a secondary care Mental Health InReach service provided by Oxford and Bucks Mental Health Trust. Dentists and opticians provide regular clinics.

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