Work & Education at Garth

Garth has a number of courses which allow prisoners to obtain recognized qualifications in Motor Mechanics, Light Engineering, Industrial Cleaning and Joinery. Education, run in conjunction with Manchester College run courses in Art, ICT, Skills for Life including ESOL, Social and Life Skills, Personal and Social development as well the basics of literacy and numeracy. In addition, there are also NVQ’s in the kitchen and progression routes from the PE department in respect of Sport and Leisure qualifications.

The work available in the prison is in Mechanical Plastic Moulding, Contract Electrical Partnership, PICTA, Computer Build, Construction, Needle Trades and assembly work, Farms and Gardens, Waste Management, Braille and community workshops, as well as the usual array of orderly jobs

HMP Garth have a therapeutic unit, called Beacon. This unit is run on “democratic” lines with the prisoners having input on the rules and behaviour standards expected of themselves, and the regime is aimed at altering attitudes and the behaviour of the prisoners to reduce the risk of them reoffending on release

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