HMP Foston Hall, General Details

Foston Hall was built in 1863 as a family home and was acquired by the Prison Service in 1953. Since then it has been used as a detention centre, an immigration centre and a satellite of nearby HMP Sudbury. Shut in 1996, it reopened on 31 July 1997 as a closed women’s prison following major refurbishment and building work.


  • First night and induction unit for 63 prisoners
  • A wing – Cameo Unit accommodation for 42 prisoners with personality disorders
  • B wing – mainstream accommodation for 42 prisoners
  • C wing – mainstream accommodation for 41 prisoners
  • D wing – mainstream accommodation for 29 prisoners
  •  E wing – unit for 11 long-term and enhanced regime prisoners
  • F wing – mainstream accommodation for 63 prisoners (closed for refurbishment)
  • T wing – mainstream accommodation for 58 prisoners.

The prison is part of the East Midlands region. It has a capacity of 2864 and the #1 governor is called Andrea Black, who has been in charge since February 2017

Foston Hall

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