Regimes at HMP Ford

Ford is an Open Resettlement Prison and prisoners may qualify for RDRs [Resettlement Day Release]; RORs [Resettlement Overnight Release] or Community Work [paid and unpaid]. Within 8 weeks of arrival they will receive an initial risk assessment for their suitability for Temporary Release.

If they are successful, they can apply for RDR. There are complicated rules surrounding the application for a RDR and the application process takes time as the prison and probation will make various security checks before a RDR is granted. The number of RDRs which can be taken monthly will increase after the successful completion of previous RDRs After completion of an RDR, the prisoner can apply for a ROR. The process by which you can be released for work or town visits will be explained to you during your Induction at Ford. RDRs and RORs are a “privilege” not a “right”, and the prison may withdraw the facility dependent on the behaviour, IEP status or risk assessment of the prisoner.

Risk Assessments

  • All offenders are Risk Assessed within 8 weeks of arrival at Ford
  • A further risk assessment will take place prior to the ROTLED (Release on Temporary Licence Eligibility Date)
  • The Risk Assessment board takes place once a week
  • Offenders are notified of the outcome within 7 days of the Board
  • Without a Risk Assessment Offenders will not be granted ROTL

SPL (Special Purpose Licence) only These are granted on compassionate grounds or under exceptional circumstances such as: Marriage, death, inter-prison transfers, court, tribunals or inquiry proceedings, conferences with legal advisors, or helping police with their enquiries etc. however offenders are still required to meet strict criteria.

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