Featherstone Prison Shop

A new venture has been started by HMP Featherstone to assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners prior to their release; a shop selling products made at the prison. The store will be on the prison grounds and will be mainly staffed by serving prisoners and will sell items like chairs, chess boards, beds and hanging baskets. Any profit from the shop will be ploughed back expanding the venture.


It is expected that the new shop will be open before Christmas


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2 thoughts on “Featherstone Prison Shop”

  1. Hi Guys. I am looking to buy a free standing bird feeder for my garden. Is your shop open and does it have a selection to purchase or can I put an order in. I would like to encourage your shop venture so if you could get back to me that would be great


    1. Glynis,
      DoingTime is an independemt web site, with no connection with either the prison shop or the Prison Service itself, so I am afraid we can’t help you on this occasion. We are also struggling to find for you the correct email address for the shop. Our suggestion is to contact the main prison switchboard (number given on our site); if that doesn’t work try calling the visitors centre, experience tells us that the volunteers who work there are usually very helpful!
      Good Luck!!

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