Regimes at HMP Exeter

Library: The Library is opened mornings and afternoons, with sessions available at the weekend to allow prisoners access to reading materials. Satellite libraries are available on the Vulnerable Prisoners Unit and in the Healthcare Centre.

Drugs Strategy : Prisoners with drug issues who have not already been referred by outside agencies will be seen by healthcare staff on reception and if required will be placed on a Detox programme. There is a CARAT team worker to ensure they receive the required information, support and guidance, and may be recommended for the Short Duration Drug Programme (SDP) if appropriate. Exeter has an active drug supply reduction policy, including the use of mandatory and voluntary drug testing and both active and passive drug dogs. The Integrated Drug Treatment Service (IDTS) offers a 28 day programme of clinical and psycho-social interventions.

Offending Behaviour Programmes : Exeter run SDP and Thinking Skills. The SDP programme provides participants with the skills to address their substance misuse and to make informed choices. Thinking Skills purpose is to give individuals a better understanding of how their behaviour affects their offending together with the impact this has for themselves and others.

Resettlement: 3 weeks prior to discharge prisoners attend a discharge board where any gaps in their discharge needs can be identified and filled. A 2 week course entitled Prep. for Release is delivered collaboratively by education providers offering job skills, tenancy sustainment, budgeting, stress management and many other skills necessary to embrace a return to the community.

Gymnasium & Sports: Options include: circuits and cardio vascular training, volleyball, badminton, weights and football. Accreditation is available for CSLA (Community Sports Leaders Award), BWLA (British Weight Lifting Association), Volleyball Leaders Award, Basketball Leaders award, First Aid, Heart Start, OCN Sport and Fitness. The prison site does not have space for any outdoor sporting facilities..

Healthcare : Healthcare is delivered by 3 local mental health Trusts, the PCT and the prison itself. There is a purpose built healthcare centre which has 21 inpatient beds, a day care facility for patients with mental health problems that are managed on the wings and a number of consulting rooms. GP services, Mental Health care, Chiropody, Dentistry, STD consultant, Optician and nurse led clinics are available.

Prison Shop The canteen operates on a mail order basis which is then issued to Wing staff each Friday morning for delivery to prisoners.

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