General Information, HMP Eastwood Park

HMP Eastwood Park in South Gloucestershire opened as a female prison in March 1996, taking in prisoners from HMP Pucklechurch. The establishment opened a mother and baby unit in 2004 and the Mary Carpenter Unit (MCU) in 2005, which held 17-year-old girls. A further new unit was opened in 2009, and in 2013 it became an over 18’s only prison. HMP Eastwood Park is run by HMPS as part of the South West Region. It has a capacity of 442 and the #1 governor is Suzy Dymond-White, who has been in charge since September 2015. The prison has a very large catchment area, serving the South West, Wales , the West Midlands and the South Coast


  • Residential 1 – Closed prisoners
  • Residential 2 – Closed prisoners
  • Residential 3 – Closed prisoners
  • Residential 4 – Mental health/crisis intervention unit
  • Residential 5 – Drug recovery and transition unit
  • Residential 6 – Transition unit
  • Residential 7 – Open environment
  • Residential 8 – First night induction unit for all prisoners, including those requiring detoxification for substance use
  • Residential 9 – Mother and baby unit
  • Residential 10 – Nexus programme unit (personality disorder unit)

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