General Information, HMP Channings Wood

HMP Channings Wood is run by HMPS as part of the South West Region. It has a capacity of 731 and the #1 governor is Richard Luscombe, who has been in charge since March 2018.  Channings Wood was built on the site of a Ministry of Defence base using contract and prison labour and opened just over 40 years ago. There have been additions to the prison at various times, the latest being in 2008.


  • Block 1: 132 prisoners – vulnerable prisoner unit (VPU) and VPU induction unit.
  • Block 2: 112 prisoners – enhanced level only prisoners
  • Block 3: 112 prisoners – enhanced and standard level prisoners.
  • Block 4: 119 prisoners – includes the induction unit for enhanced and standard level prisoners.
  • Block 5: 118 prisoners – VPU.
  • Block 6: 34 enhanced level prisoners and orderlies
  • Block 7: 40 prisoners – vulnerable prisoners on the enhanced regime.
  • Block 8: 64 prisoners – the drug therapeutic community

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