General Information, HMP Cardiff

The origins of HMP Cardiff date back almost 200 years. Today the prison continues to hold unconvicted and trial prisoners from local courts and short-termprisoners serving up to two years. A new wing was built in around 20 years ago to accommodate 218 additional men, including 96 lifers. Major recent refurbishment and modification of cellular accommodation has seen the capacity rise to 820. A new health care centre was opened in May 2008. The prison holds men from the south east of Wales and is run by HMPS as part of the Wales region and the #1 governor is Darren Hughes.


  • A wing: Convicted wing, mainly category C prisoners (178)
  • A1 wing: Prisoners on the basic regime and stage 2 anti-bullying (22)
  • Care and separation unit (CASU): Segregated prisoners
  • B wing: Convicted prisoners (138)
  • B1 wing: Vulnerable prisoners (35)
  • C wing: First night and induction unit. (60)
  • D wing: Drug recovery unit (59)
  • E wing: Lifer prisoners and those on the enhanced regime (98)
  • F wing: Unconvicted/remand prisoners (192)

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