General Information HMP Bullingdon

The prison is run by HMPS as part of the South Central region. It has a capacity of 1114 and the #1 governor is Ian Blakeman. HMP Bullingdon opened 20 year ago and was the first of a new design of prisons, which had since been copied elsewhere. It was originally built with 4 cellular blocks based around the same T-shaped design of three spurs, each with three landings leading off a central office complex. 2 new units were subsequently added. 

Accommodation There are 6 wings:

  • Arncott , 197Convicted short-term prisoners
  • Blackthorn, 197 Remand prisoners
  • Charndon, 197 Drug free unit
  • Dorton , 197General and support mentoring spur
  • Edgcott , 185 Sex offenders
  • Finmere, 120 Induction/first night and enhanced prisoners

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