Work & Education at Buckley Hall

Education: Education is provided in conjunction with Manchester College. The vocational training programme offered includes Kitchen & Bathroom fitting, Industrial Cleaning, Groundwork, Painting & Decorating, and Site Carpentry and the appropraite qualifications can be obtained. The prison run the usual basic educational courses in numeracy and literature, ESOL, Art, ICT and Skills for Life An NVQ in Catering is also available. In addition, learners undertaking Higher Learning can use the facilities in the Flexi Learning class.

Workshops : The prison provides a realistic working environment incorporating a range of employment and training in modern fully equipped workshops. Workshops include Contract Services and assembling and packaging a range of products for local companies. There are 2 internal contracts – manufacturing aluminum windows and packing beverage packs. It is possible to complete an NVQ in Performing Manufacturing Operations in both workshops. Full time and part time working is available. Wages are £15 full time & £7.50 part time providing that the prisoner attends every session and fully engages in the workplace.

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