Regimes at Buckley Hall

Healthcare: Healthcare services are commissioned from NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.

Chaplaincy: There is one full time Chaplain and part-time Roman Catholic, Anglican, Buddhist, Free Church, and Muslim Chaplains. Visiting ministers of other faiths/denominations as required.

Probation The probation service have located staff at the prison. These officers are actively involved in the HDC (tagging) assessments working alongside OMU

Gymnasium & Sports There is a Gymnasium, fitness suite, multi-gym, badminton, short tennis, circuit training, volleyball and remedial classes. Fitness suites are also located on each residential unit. Various gym instructor and related courses are offered.

Food Catering services are contracted out to ESS Support Services with meals are served from unit serveries. Choices offered allow for dietary and religious options

Drug Strategy There is a IDTS ( Integrated Drug Treatment System) and support is offered to prisoners on this programme. The is a CARATs team at the prison

Substance Misuse Team The SMT consists of 2 Substance Misuse Specialist Nurses who are supported by a specialist General Practitioner and the generic Healthcare staff.

Carat Team The Carat team consists of 5 full-time team members. Offenders with a drug misuse issue are identified through referral from various sources including Carat induction, self-referral, personal officers, healthcare, mandatory drug testing and voluntary drug testing.

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