Work & Education @ HMP Brixton

A4e provides education programmes at the prison, and run a number of courses e.g. maths, English, Writing for Purpose, Radio Production, Health and Safety, Graphics, Retail and Customer Services, Fashion, Business Enterprise, Business Administration, Peer Mentoring, Cleaning Services, Work Ready Programme, Horticulture, ITQ, Open University and Distance Learning

The prison runs in conjunction with the Clink Charity a restaurant , called The Clink, (click for their web site)  which serves both the prison staff and the general public; prisoners working at the restaurant can gain a nationally recognized NVQ qualification. Upon their release, the Clink Charity helps them find employment within the catering and hospitality industry, and mentors them weekly for 6-12 months to help them reintegrate back into society and not reoffend.

The prison also runs a bakery, supplying cakes to a number of cafes and restaurants throughout London.

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