Regimes @ HMP Brixton

Drug Strategy:Drug services at the prison includes CARATS . This service is available to anyone that misuses drugs and wants support addressing their drug use.

Employment: The prison has contracts with Jobcentre Plus Services include providing referrals to work programme and advance claim to benefit for prisoners who are due for release for up to 8 weeks, including community care grants and jobseekers allowance.

Chaplaincy: Prisoners are given access to faith based services within the establishment.

Radio station: The PRA is an award-winning education charity that engages hard-to-reach prisoners in the production of radio programming and encourages the prison radio audience to become active learners, engaging with the range of advice, support services and opportunities available to them. The radio programs produced are broadcast on the internal radio systems on many prisons throughout the UK.

Healthcare: Healthcare is provided by the NHS

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