General Information, HMP Brixton

HMP Brixton opened in 1819 as the Surrey House of Correction and had fulfilled many roles since that time, being both a prison for women, and then a military prison. In 1898 it became an adult male local prison, serving the whole of the London area and particularly focusing on South London, however in July 2012, it was re-roled again, becoming a category C and D resettlement prison for the local area, but in February 2017 its role became that of a Cat C resettlement prison..  The prison holds a large population of sexual offenders.


  • A wing:                 Category C prisoners as well as the London     Pathways Unit (for prisoners with personality disorders that were being released in London); temporary location for the segregation unit
  • B wing:              First night and induction unit
  • C wing:             Enhanced level prisoners and full-time workers
  • D wing:             Drug recovery and health and well-being unit
  • G wing:             Sexual offender prisoners

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