HMYOI Brinsford, General Details

Brinsford opened as a young offender institution and remand centre in November 1991 on the same site as HMP Featherstone and HMP Oakwood.  Brinsford was a split site caring for both young people aged 15-18 years and young adults aged 18-21. Following the decommissioning of places for young people by the Youth Justice Board in January 2010, Brinsford now holds solely young adults.  It is run by HMPS and the #1 governor is Heather Whitehead, who has been in charge since January 2016. It has an operational capacity of 577, and it is part of the West Midlands Region.



  • Residential 1 – first night and early days induction unit
  • Residential 2 – sentenced and remand young adults
  • Residential 3 – sentenced and remand young adults
  • Residential 4 – sentenced and remand young adults
  • Residential 5 – sentenced young adults; enhanced unit
  • Health care centre – 11 beds (not included on CNA)
  • Intervention and assessment unit (IAU) – 16 beds
  • Integrated drug treatment system (IDTS) – 12 beds

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