HMP Berwyn, General Details

HMP Berwyn is the first publically run “super-prison” built in the UK, with a capacity when fully operational of nearly 2,200 inmates. The prisoners, who are referred to as “men” while in the prison are housed in twin bedded cells (rooms) on landings with 44 rooms on each. The rooms  are equipped with basic phones from which the men can make call out to numbers pre-approved and vetted by the prison. Capacity is capped at 1300 while staff recruitment continues.

The #1 governor is Danny Khan who has been in post since October 2018, and the prison is run by HMPS as part of the Welsh region..


There are three houses. Alwen, Bala and Ceiriog, each divided into eight communities that can accommodate up to 88 general population residents, including the following.

  •  Alwen C Uppers life-sentenced/indeterminate sentence for public protection
  •  Alwen D Uppers enhanced life-sentenced
  • Bala B Lowers healthy living
  • Bala C Lowers Glyndŵr: progressive unit
  • Bala D Lowers Gobaith: resettlement unit
  • Bala B Uppers Menai: assisted living
  • Bala C Uppers Shaun Stocker: veterans and first-timers
  • Bala D Uppers improving family futures
  • Ceiriog A Lowers Snowdon: mature residents
  • Ceiriog D Lowers induction and first night unit.
  •  Ogwen care and support (segregation) unit (up to 21 prisoners)

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