General Information, HMP Belmarsh

Belmarsh Prison opened almost 25 years ago and was the first adult prison to be built in London since Wormwood Scrubs in 1874. The bulk of the prison is on a large site surrounded by a perimeter wall about 1 mile long.


The prison has 4 houseblocks, each 3 storey and each with 3 spurs. Each spur contains 42 single and double cells.

  • HB1, prisoners serving long-term sentences and includes a newly established enhanced progression unit.
  • HB2, prisoners serving short-term sentences and those on remand.
  • HB3,new arrivals and includes a dedicated first night centre.
  • HB4,prisoners undergoing detoxification and vulnerable prisoners.
  • HSU, (high security unit) holds prisoners assessed as requiring a high level of security/care, including its own segregation facility and visits area.

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