Work & Education at Altcourse

The Education Department is run in conjunction with The Manchester College.Prisoners are offered the courses in basic literacy, numeracy and information technology skills. Higher level courses are also available in:

  • Information Technology; spreadsheets, word and text processing
  • English and Mathematics
  • Social and Life Skills: practical courses such as cookery
  • Art and Music: developing creative skills
  • Unit Based Education: various subjects upto A level standard

Day Release: Prisoners can attend education one day a week on day-release from within the prison if they are working towards a key skills certificate which helps to improve their future employability.

Work and Employment

Prisoners at HMP Altcourse participate in a 40 hour working week. There are 6 work areas, employing a total of 180 prisoners. These include a commercial laundry, furniture assembly, book recycling, engineering fabrication, prison bedding and curtain manufacturing, and recycling cardboard .

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