Regimes at HMP Altcourse

Prisoners are given a full induction briefing when they first arrive at the prison. Over a period of around a week they are provided information about the prison’s policies and procedures, health and safety, courses available to them and facilities such as the gym. 

Catering:  Catering is provided by Aramark who deliver all prisoners meals as well as running the staff canteen. The menus are on a 28 day cycle and meet all dietary, ethnic and healthy options needs including special diets as prescribed by the prison doctor. Food is ordered via a weekly pre-select system and delivered to the units by a hot trolley system.

Chaplaincy: The prison has full time chaplains who administer to the prisoners, as well as visiting ministers. All main faiths are supported by the prison. As at all prisons, the chaplaincy alos handles the pastoral wellbeing of the prisoners

Drug support: There are various courses and programmes offered to prisoners to reduce/eradicate dependency on drugs/alcohol

Gym: There are extensive gym facilities and each prison is offered 1 hr of gym each day. The prison runs football coaching schemes to train This involves a 3 month course comprising a full football coaching programme and education in communication, numeracy, nutrition and healthy living, first aid and cookery.

Library: The library is opens 5 days a week and for 2 evenings. It is run by Manchester College. All prisoners have access to the library at least twice per week.

Resettlement: Focusd on the basics of ensuring a prisoner has somewhere to live, and either a job or a training place to go to when released. Attention is also given to factors such as family ties, health, substance misuse, social and life skills and financial management. There are a number of Offending Behaviour Programmes run to help prisoners

Healthcare. The healthcare facility is run 24/7 with qualified nurses and health care assistants.Visiting specialists include Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Chiropodists and Psychiatrist

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