General Information, HMP Altcourse

Altcourse opened in December 1997 as a category A prison and restructured to a category B core local prison 4 years later. An extension to the prison was built in 2007.


There are various house blocks divided into individual units, each holding between 60 and 90 prisoners.

  • Beechers Blue: Brook reintegration unit. A specialist unit for prisoners demoted to the basic regime, peer mentors and a small group of prisoners on the standard regime
  • Beechers Green: vulnerable prisoner unit housing a mixture of prisoners
  • Canal Blue: a mixture of prisoners.
  • Canal Green: a mixture of prisoners
  • Foinavon Blue: the family unit, linked with the visits group and the community engagement team, housing a mix of prisoners.
  • Foinavon Green a mixture of prisoners
  • Foinavon Red: unit for prisoners on the enhanced regime.
  • Furlong Green: substance recovery unit.
  • Furlong Red: first night centre for prisoners requiring substance detoxification or stabilisation.
  • Melling Blue and Brown: vulnerable prisoner units for sex offenders
  • Reynoldstown Blue: a second induction unit for prisoners completing the final stages of their induction
  • Reynoldstown Brown: first night centre and induction unit. .
  • Valentines Green a mixture of prisoners.
  • Valentines Red a mixture of prisoners

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