HMIP Annual Report 2020-21

Each year the prison inspectors produce a summary of the finding made during the previous 12 months. The 2021-21 Report  is lengthy, but in his introduction the Chief Inspector says:

“This is my first annual report and it covers a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the report, inevitably, focuses on the impact on the daily life of those held in prisons and other places of detention in England and Wales, who were subject to unprecedented restrictions. We were able to report on this because we were determined, in the early weeks of the pandemic, to find a safe way to enter and inspect places of detention. We could not report on treatment and conditions remotely. As my predecessor observed in his annual report introduction last year, the entrenched problems the Inspectorate had identified over recent years did not disappear because of the pandemic. Violence, for instance, may have been suppressed by locking people up for almost all of the day, but its underlying causes have not gone away and continuing severe lock-up cannot be the answer in a post-COVID-19 world. It was understandably difficult for prisons to deliver full programmes of education, training and rehabilitation during COVID-19, but we have found poor outcomes in purposeful activity and failures in rehabilitation and release planning for many years, and the slow pace in some establishments in re-establishing these services has exacerbated that issue. Equally, the variations in performance we have seen for years between ostensibly comparable     establishments – and the failure to learn from the better performing establishments – were clear to us during COVID-19, and will undoubtedly continue.”


 If you want to read the full report, follow the links

Read the 2020-21 Annual Report (7 MB)

Read the report: Annual Report 2019-20

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