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2 thoughts on “Community News for Hatfield”

  1. Hi, My Husband is currently serving at HMP Sudbury. He has just been confirmed that he had got his Cat D to go HMP Hatfield.

    Due to the conditions we are all facing, he has been told by the officers there is no movement what-so-ever to Hatfield, only HMP Sudbury at the present time.

    Is there anyway to find out what is happening with the movement to Hatfield, or any time scale we can expect movement to happen? Or, who I can contact to find out?

    Any news will help us…


    • Hi, Firstly please note that we have no connection with HMPS, we are an independent organisation just trying to give people unbiased and factual information.
      Your husband will have a POM (prisoner offender manager), who will work in OMU (offender management unit), and that is where, in normal times, your answer will be found. Sadly, these are not normal times and every prison is restricted by Covid concerns on what they can, and can’t do. the “POM” can only do what the rules say, and the rules change daily depending on tier 1-4, local concerns, government directives etc etc. My advice would be for your husband to approach his POM and seek their help. Alternatively, when you know the individual officers’ name there is little harm in you calling them direct. No matter how frustrating this is for you and your husband, remember that the POM can’t “buck the system” no matter what. You can get the prison phone # from the website.
      Finally, remind yourself that there is light, and a normal life, at the end of the tunnel, and getting Cat D is big step towards it.
      Regards, Andy
      Sorry not to be mo


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