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  1. My son was placed at hmp hewell at the beginning of the month. Then had a court appearance & was then placed in hmp Birmingham. He has not managed to see anyone regarding his medication, hence, no meds!. He’s currently being held in the induction Wing. They get 45mins out a day ‘because of covid’. The showers don’t work, the food is cold and is not meeting standards when it comes to the dietary needs. Please don’t think my son is a ‘mummy’s boy’ he also has no illusions about prison life! Or how it is in prisons. As due to his mental health, he’s not a stranger to prison, he has a past. However, putting that aside, he’s ‘innocent until proven guilty’ & what he’s going crazy about right now is all these men have been on total lockdown for a whole year. Emotions are running high apparently. It’s cold in there and my son and his cell mate have 1 blanket each that are disgusting!. The main worry I have is his mental health issues. By the way, in the 45 minutes there out of there cells, time for showers, that aren’t even working. Calls, and apparently a total breakdown of communication between staff and prisoners. With most questions, are being answered with ‘it’s because of covid’ or ‘hang on I’ll find out and be back’ then no return of the officer. That would make me frustrated, let alone someone in there. I am going to get on to someone about this. I appreciate ‘covid’ which makes a lot of difference. But 1,have we thought about how prisoners are catching it? = new prisoners coming in? =to induction.. And 2,you can’t just leave them in there, I can see things getting so strained soon!. I’m worried sick for my son..


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