Christmas Money


XmasIts November so it is now time to start planning for Xmas!

Christmas in prison is not a happy time for prisoners, their families nor the prison staff many of whom are required to be on duty. (To dispel one rumour, the staff who are “rostered”  to work do NOT get overtime, extra pay, time off in lieu etc, it is considered as part of their normal duties the same as weekends and Bank Holidays) The prison’s do try to ease the stress with a slightly easier regime and a “Christmas Lunch” but it is still a generally miserable experience.

If you want to send some money into the prison so that the inmate can buy some Xmas treats from the canteen list, or so that they can make sure that there is sufficient credit on their phone account so they can make calls home, you need to act now.

Money you send into the prison is transfered weekly to the prisoner. The amount transfered each week varies depending upon the IEP status of the prisiner, and is around £25 for enhanced down to £10 for basic. In simple terms if you send in £50, it will take between 2 and 5 weeks before it can be spent.

The timetable looks like this:

  • Send a Postal order in today, ( say for £10)
  • 10 days later the money starts to appear in the prisoners canteen account
  • 7 days later the prisoner can place a canteen order
  • 7 days later the canteen is delivered to the prisoner
  • 24 total time taken

If you had sent in £50 and the prisoner was on basic IEP status it would take another 28 days for all the money to be available for canteen.

If you ARE thinking of sending any money in for Xmas, act now. Any cheque, which will also take some time to clear before the process highlighted above even starts!, or postal order should be made payable to NOMS Agency and the name and prison number should be written on the back. You may be able to send money in electronically, follow the links below.

Canteen and Money

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