General Details, HMYOI Wetherby

A former naval base, Wetherby became a borstal in 1958, and has since changed its role from an open youth custody centre to a closed youth custody centre and is now a dedicated centre for males under 18. The governor is Marcella Goligher, and the establishment is run by HMPS as part of the Yorkshire and Humberside Prison region, and Wetherby has a capacity of 276 trainees


  • Anson – long-term determinate and life-sentenced boys
  • Benbow – undergoing refurbishment and will accommodate long-term determinate and life sentenced boys
  • Frobisher – first night facility and standard accommodation
  • Collingwood – standard accommodation
  • Drake – standard accommodation
  • Exmouth – standard accommodation
  • Keppel-specialist unit for those unsuitable for mainstream accommodation

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