General Details, HMP & YOI Feltham

The original Feltham was built in 1854 as an industrial school and was taken over in 1910 by the Prison Commissioners as their second Borstal institution. The existing buildings opened as a remand centre in March 1988. The current HM Prison and Young Offender Institution Feltham was formed by the amalgamation of Ashford Remand Centre and Feltham Borstal in 1990/91. The establishment is split into Feltham A, which holds young people (aged 15-18), and Feltham B, which holds young adults (aged 18-21).


Feltham A, 8 units for young people, including Bittern as first night and induction unit. Each unit holds 30. Almost all the cells are single occupation. All cells have integral sanitation and television.

  • Bittern Induction
  • Dunlin Normal location
  • Curlew Normal location
  • Eagle Normal location
  • Falcon Normal location
  • Grebe Normal location (currently closed)
  • Jay Normal location
  • Heron Resettlement unit
  • Ibis Segregation unit

Feltham B, 10 units for young adults, including Lapwing as the first night and induction unit. Each unit holds 55 , except for Lapwing, which holds 46, Kingfisher, 53, and Teal, 38. All rooms have integral sanitation and TV.

  • Kingfisher Normal location
  • Lapwing Induction unit / normal location
  • Mallard Normal location
  • Nightingale Normal location
  • Osprey Normal location
  • Partridge Normal location
  • Quail Normal location
  • Raven Normal location
  • Swallow Normal location
  • Teal Resettlement unit
  • Wren Detoxification unit
  • Ibis Segregation unit

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