General Information HMP Wayland


HMP Wayland originally opened in 1985 as a purpose build prison. Since then there have been extensions and additions erected and now there are 13 residential units and a segregation unit over a large site. Wayland has been designated a resettlement prison and opened a new Category C personality disorder unit early 2014.


  • A, Inductions and high-risk CSRA – mostly single cells
  • B & C, Normal location high-risk CSRA – mostly single cells
  • D IDTS – mostly single cells
  • E Enhanced unit – single cells
  • F ROTL unit- single cells
  • G RAPt SDTP – single cells
  • H Enhanced progression unit – single cells
  • J, K & L Normal location – double cells
  • M Enhanced unit – double cells
  • N Drug Free Wing – double cells
  • Seg- Segregation unit

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